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Medical Abortion-A Road Chosen Yet Less Talked About

23.01.18 Posted By lorence

Is abortion about gender, is it about morality or is it about taking desperate measures to make your life the way you want to make it? The feeling that a male who is not looking for a child and a female who is caught up in the same place have similar feelings, it is just that a woman has got a much bigger role to play in shaping a child’s life by sacrificing her own. It is not really sacrificing if you are willing to do it if it comes from within it is probably the best feeling a woman can have but when she has to do the same for somebody else’s sake, then the same feeling may turn to a liability. It is like you don’t want to study mathematics but you are asked to do a Ph.D. only because you can.

This probably is the reason why women seek measures to get their pregnancy terminated and the stakes here are too high anyway. She might have to give up her plans for studying further; since it is mostly unplanned it can interfere with almost any aspiration. When we look at the data we get to know that many of them are below the age and probably even the maturity level to raise a child.

 A disturbed and dissatisfied personality can come out from an irresponsible brought up, not that it is absolute, not that every woman at that age is irresponsible or every undesired pregnancy taken to term is treated that way, far from that, yet there is a possibility. To abolish laws might not be the smartest measure taken in this regard, to promote better contraception, to increase the awareness to educate them to use condoms male and female, to get your tubes tied up if you are sure about not having children might be.To let abortion laws be present yet to control the incidence of abortion can be the stronghold of a civil and mature society.

MTP Kit is a brand that belongs to the category of abortion pills. These pills are used for the conclusion of an early unintended pregnancy. MTP Kit can be used for a period of 9 weeks from gestation. The rationale behind the far and use of this product can be derived from the fact that it suits all the specifications of women who are looking for a way to terminate their unintended pregnancy.  MTP Kit has an upper hand over other products as it is affordable, tool-free, safer, lesser complicated, the huge success rate of 98%,  and comparatively a lesser painful method. MTP Kit is a combination therapy that uses two FDA approved drugs known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol both have a distinct mechanism of actions; Mifepristone helps in the conclusion of pregnancy while Misoprostol helps in detaching the fetal cells and making them come out of the body on the form of blood clots. Mifepristone is an antiprogestin class medication which as the name suggests blocks the functioning of a hormone known as Progesterone.

This hormone has huge application in the development and sustenance of pregnancy as it supplies oxygen and vital nutrients to the fetus. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analog which promotes cervix dilation and induces forceful contraction of the uterine walls; the fetal cells come out as a blood clot.

MTP Kit contains a set of five pills, four Misoprostol pills (200mcg each) and one Mifepristone pill of 200 mg. The therapy is commenced by ingesting the Mifepristone pill first, take it on an empty stomach, early morning and with water. After waiting for two days, insert all four Misoprostol pills vaginally. You are required to go get an ultrasonography done to validate the process of abortion on the 14 th day.

A few frequently occurring side effects that can lead to inconvenience in a few of the users are a backache, and feeling of tiredness, stomach cramps, headache, giddiness, stomach upset, loose stools and vaginal discharge.


  • Remember taking off the Intra Uterine Device before going through the process if you are using any.
  • MTP Kit is not meant to abort a pregnancy that is older than 9 weeks of gestation or is ectopic in nature.
  • You are advised to be on a diet containing vegetables, protein, and iron-rich diet and take complete rest to recuperate faster.

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