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Pregnyl HCG Injection For Induction Of Ovulation And Pregnancy

30.01.18 Posted By lisa

Pregnancy is the budding time of a new infant life inside the uterus of women. It’s not the only time where a life grows but a beautiful phase for the couple to rejoice the deepness of their love and a new relationship of parenthood in which they are about to enter. For some pregnancy is comes naturally and easily, for some it comes as a surprise and for others, it comes as a boon after making a lot of plea to the Almighty and undergoing painful procedures of IVF and other baby conception techniques.

If you have been trying from one year for the pregnancy and still you’re finding difficulties in getting those two pink lines over the pregnancy kit and still you’re dreaming about the day when you will have goosebumps of seeing the positive pregnancy result. Then worry not you’re not that far from your goal to success.Taking Pregnyl 1000HCG Injection will give you that one step but milestone worth success in getting a healthy conception of pregnancy.

Pregnyl injection will correct all the possible hindrance and the hurdles in the way of pregnancy conception be it poor egg size or less energetic/deformed sperms, lack of ovulation, irregular menstruation cycle, imbalance hormonal concentration and many other reasons not mentioned here are effectively curable by the injection of medicine Pregnyl.

Pregnyl is best-sold brand under heading anti-infertility medication available for men and women. Active chemical ingredient enclosed within brand Pregnyl is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). The reputed pharmaceutical compound approved by FDA for the safe use in human for correcting condition of infertility.

For correction of Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism and sustain the level of testosterone hormone the male patient should be treated with an injection of strength 4000IU thrice a week for 6-9 months repeated by injection of dosing 2000IU thrice a week for additional 3 months. For correcting the case of anovulation a woman can be prescribed with Pregnyl dosing of strength 5000IU-10,000IU after the Menotropins. Boys of young age 4-9 years those who have a case of pubertal Cryptorchidism can be given an injection of Pregnyl 5000IU on an alternate day up to four injections for the easy descendant of the testicles in the scrotal sac.

Few malicious after effects of Pregnyl injections are Nausea, vomiting, mood swings, slurred speech, exhaustion, confusion, pain and inflammation at the site of injection.

Certain cautionary indications a patient can take up when putting on therapy of Pregnyl injection includes the following:

  • Both man and women trying for conception and failing from last one last one year should visit the physician for a pre-gynecological checkup and figure out what’s wrong with the fertility function.
  • People taking Pregnyl injection should be monitored closely as this medicine has the fair chances of developing multiple pregnancies risk in women.
  • A sterile syringe should be used every time the person going for this injection.

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